All our useful resources, social networks and projects gathered in one place to make it easy to find everything you’re looking for.



Key resources

Find out all about your dream university and discover admissions details.


Here you can find all important information about our university: history, educational programs, research, library, international cooperation, student life, news and events, contacts and much more.

How to apply

All information about educational programs, admissions and the application guide you may find here.

Russian language courses

The courses aim to help students to master Russian language skills, prepare for the TORFL-1 and TORFL-2 tests and for admissions to RANEPA or any other Russian university.

All about RANEPA St. Petersburg

Join us on social media, meet our students and learn more about programs and faculties.

Social media

Our social media in one place. Here you find useful resources for both applicants and students.

Meet our students

Our students help and provide valuable advice to each applicant: from study-related questions to a wide variety of extracurricular activities.

Student life

Sports, academic, social and other activities for you to join.

We’re on the city map

Find out more where you’ll study and live.

Academic buildings

Our academic buildings, libraries, sports grounds and recreation facilities on the Gulf of Finland coast.


Accommodations for our students located near the academic buildings.


Get acquainted with the institute’s brandbook, find out what color your faculty is and find yourself in the photos from the life of the university.


Everything you need, from the institute logo to the presentation template.

Photo archive

A place where memories of the most important things in the life of our institution are kept.
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